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I am a student at Iowa State University and am majoring in Animal Ecology. I hope to manage wildlife populations in the future. I am currently involved in many intramurals and a few clubs on campus. These clubs include the Fisheries and Wildlife Club, the International Agriculture Club, and Students Helping Rescue Animals Club.

This portfolio is just a small sample of my work so far in college and I hope to later add to it and improve it. It contains a sample of a textual analysis, visual rhetoric, and communication advancements I have made in each of these categories. Each contains reflections on the processes I took to produce my work and why I took the steps I did. These helped guide me in my final project, this portfolio, and hopefully make my reasoning and arguments more justifiable.

I believe my writing has improved greatly. The thought of a rhetorical analysis at the beginning of the year intimidated me and now I find that it is something that comes naturally to me. The ideas of pathos, logos, and ethos were foreign to me, but now I use them to help build my paper. They allow the audience to clearly see my topic and understand my ideas. The readings we did in class this semester also helped the visual and oral side of my communication. Molly Bang’s writings over images really allowed me to expand my horizons when it comes to looking at images and explaining them.

I think my classmates have helped me more than anything throughout this entire process. The peer review responses that I received from them over all my assignments gave me an unbiased view over my work and allowed me to see my work through the eyes of another. This helped me make my work more appealing to the audience and I then had a better understanding of the assignment.

I believe the textual analysis I did over Gandhi’s  Letter to Lord Irwin demonstrates my best work of the semester. My other choices show my best work over visual and electronic communication. I do not feel that I have a work that demonstrates my best work in the oral form of communication. That is why one is not included in this portfolio. While only one of my works was required to be revised, I decided to revise all of my works that are presented here. I felt that all of them could be improved upon and should be so that they really were my best work in each of the categories. I believe that this course has helped me become a better writer and that it will help me in the future. I can now research my topics more thoroughly and explain the context of an artifact with more depth.

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