English 250 Honors

A WOVEn Communication Project

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250H Home

Eventually, this page will link to all the projects we work on this semester. In the meantime, content yourself with the helpful links I've made below.

Text and Code

TextWrangler by Bare Bones software. A free programming text-editor for Mac OS.

Sublime Text. A powerful scripting editor for all major platforms.

Notepad++. A text editor for Windows machines.

Komodo Edit. An open source text editor for Perl, Python, Tcl, PHP, Ruby, and Javascript.

WinSCP A fully-featured open source text editor for secure connections.

W3C Doctype Declarations. A reference for creating many different kinds of web pages.

Normalize CSS. A CSS sheet for zeroing essential properties.

Images and Documents

Adobe CS6. Industry-standard image editing software. Free trial available.

GIMP. The GNU Image Manipulator. An open source solution for image editing.

Photoscape. An open source alternative to Photoshop.

Scribus. An open source alternative to InDesign.

Colors and Effects

Kuler by Adobe. A collaborative library of colors and color schemes.

Hexadecimal Color Chart. W3C Schools assembled this compilation of hexadecimal values.

30 Best Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials. A collection of follow-along instructions.

The Web

Firebug. A web-developer add-on for the popular browser.

MAMP / WAMP. Apache, MySQL and PHP distributions for Mac or Windows, respectively.

W3C Schools. Comprehensive HTML and CSS reference. Includes tutorials.

Beginner's Guide to CSS. A brief overview of CSS and its uses written by Design Meme.

CSS Zen Garden. A collaborative demonstration of the power and flexibility of CSS.

Lynda.com. Video tutorials about software of all kinds. Access through campus ITS.